Mvw 2022 – Live Interview

Live interview

Some question of interview.

As a Miss Virtual World you will have a lot people who will adore and love you but probably even more who will start to become haters, how you deal with that

Haters are everywhere. Not just in missworld but in my dj work too

What makes you different from the other girls competing in this pageant?

We candidates are all different because we have different head...

Very often when MVW begins there are many contestants. And as it goes along, many contestants drop out. Why do you think that is and why have you stayed the course?

i wonder why many people left but i am still here because i want test my self in something new

When you are deciding what items of clothing to purchase for your avatar, what do you look for in terms of quality and style? How do you prioritize personal style vs fashion goals when making those decisions?

I am a classic girl. in here as in my rl too so i try to follow my style.I just try to be myself and follow my stile

Have you experienced criticism for while competing in Miss Virtual World? If so, how did you handle it?

the critic help people to get better

misery loves do you deal with a drama queen

Drama queen can stay away

Do you work better independently or in collaboration with others? Do you prefer to follow instructions or make the instructions for others to follow and do you have examples of when you have done either or both in RL or SL?

i do a work in rl i can't wor alone and in sl i run a club with my partner in job and we have different role but we always talk toether before take decision