HC – We Dance

We Dance Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Royal Hall (Stylized) Poses HC – We Dance Buy Pose Flickr

HC – At Horizon

At Horizon Backdrop: Lyrium Paris Scene Backdrop Poses HC – At Horizon   Buy Pose Flickr

Merry Christmas 2021

My Personal Wishes For an Amazin Holiday Season Another year has passed. Full of moments of joy and others of sadness.In this year I have experienced the loss of a loved one and I miss our chats together a lot.I have tried and stopped finding an ever stronger feeling for my John and I hope… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2021

Good Morning

Good Morning Pictures taken with pose[Empowered] Good Morning I Am wearing Erratic / Donna – Satin slip / Frost/Lace Wave away my yesterdayCause I’m leaving it behind me.Hello sunshine, come what may.I feel something new inside me.I hear the birds singingNow my alarm’s ringingGet up, get up, hey!It’s a good morning!Wake up to a brand… Continue reading Good Morning

Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance Pictures taken with poseDTL Dance Collection – Tango I didn’t call you back, my faultSome days I don’t talk at all andSome days I’m just not in the moodI didn’t text you back on purposeTruth is that I’ve been hurtin’Truth is I locked myself inAnd I don’t know what to do Nothing’s… Continue reading Dance Dance Dance

Heart & Pizza

Photograph Pictures taken with Backdrop [ Focus Poses ] La Pizzeria Backdrop Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimesBut it’s the only thing that I knowWhen it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimesIt is the only thing makes us feel alive We keep this love in a photographWe made these memories for… Continue reading Heart & Pizza

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes Pictures taken with pose “Killer’s Production” – Elegant Pose “Gaze”.Backdrop: +Dreamcatcher+ Geometric backdropsDress for her: [StudioNova] Angelic Dress Maitreya – 26 RARE In Your Eyes Niamh Kavanagh Showing no emotion, my feelings locked insideI made myself an island, trying to take my heart and hideI built a wall around me, afraid of letting… Continue reading In Your Eyes

You Are the reason

You are the reason Pictures taken with pose ~Reel Poses – Debility …I’d climb every mountainAnd swim every oceanJust to be with youAnd fix what I’ve brokenOh, ‘cause I need you to seeThat you are the reasonThere goes my hands shakingAnd you are the reasonMy heart keeps bleedingI need you nowAnd if I could turn… Continue reading You Are the reason


It’s You Pictures taken using FOXCITY – Riviera Photo Booth & Poses It’s you, It’s always you If I’m ever gonna fall in love I know it’s gon’ be you It’s you It’s always you Met a lot of people But nobody feels like you So please don’t break my heart Don’t tear me apart… Continue reading IT’S YOU


Love Pictures taken with pose “Killer’s” Whisper Me! He came up behind her. He hugs her waist and holds her tightly … She smiles at him … She puts her hand to his ear and whispers: Did I ever tell you I love you?He smiled I must be crazy nowMaybe I dream too muchBut when… Continue reading Whispers