Can i make it?

How it come

The birth of an inspiration

It was a boring day.
I was alone and I was wasting time surfing on facebook.

At one point a wonderful image of a Miss caught my attention. I thought “Wow. How beautiful”.
I moved the view to the description and there was an invitation to participate in the new edition of the MVW 2022 Competition.
I reread… and read again…  and again.

I scrolled down the page… but something made me come back up. i read again…

I asked myself… “Can I do this?”

…And so, without thinking much about it, I went through my photos looking for one that I liked and that perhaps would have given me access to the selections.

And I said: “Ok let’s try!”.

I went to the first meeting where there were other interested girls and on the stage there was the management and those who already had experience in this competition.

I tried to understand all the questions and answers that were asked. Not easy but I succeeded.
And finally, here we go, I sent my photo and crossed my fingers