about me

Who i am

I am simply myself. Nothing more, nothing less. Sweet, Stubborn.
I can like it as well as not like.
But always available to anyone who needs help.
Many times in silence but always attentive to what is happening around me.
Maybe I don't say anything but I know if someone is lying to me or not.

It is not easy to believe in love. Especially if you’ve been fooled more than once.
But I think that each story is in itself and is worth living.
If not, what is the meaning of life? You learn from mistakes, you are cautious … but if you are afraid of everything you risk seeing happiness slip from your hands

The truth is not always pleasant, and lying mostly about feelings is the worst thing a person can do.
I try my best to be honest. Maybe someone does not understand but if I belong to someone there is no one else who can take his place.
If I left it is because my feelings had changed and rather than deceiving I am done.
It is not about of being bad. It is about honesty.
Feelings are a fundamental part of who we are.

Lies ... it seems that in Second Life they are the order of the day. Always be careful with who you are dealing with. I have a small circle of friends that I trust and others don't. In Italy we say "lies have short legs" and it means that sooner or later the truth is discovered. And I realize, instinct sends me a sound and tells me: "Be careful" and it is rarely wrong.
I prefer to be silent than to make dramas but one thing is certain: lies hurt in whatever form they are told.

date - Athena Couture - Miss Italy

What i like to do

My Passion


Music is my first love. I play on Second Life almost every day. A gym for my technique that has led me to good results. Listen to me on:



I like working on photography. With single poses or in couple poses. I always try to express something in them hoping that others will feel too



It was love at first sight. I started working on it slowly in 2015. I have been the co-owner since May 2020 and with enthusiasm I manage it.