6th Tribute Challenge – Ame Starostin

MVW Tribute Challenge

MVW Tribute Challenge - Ame Starostin

As the current MVW, I am very proud to be able to represent two areas I am very passionate about; African culture, specifically Kenyan culture and diversity. Diversity is the cornerstone that holds all of us together whether in Second Life or Real Life. Because of this, the fashions of cultures all over the world influence each other and make new fashions through mixes of fabrics, prints, colors and sustainable materials versus man-made.

For this challenge, I would like for you to research how African fashion has influenced your country’s fashion culture and demonstrate this through a mix and match design incorporating both. I would like to see something different and cutting edge. Use your styling skills to combine different fabrics and patterns while still maintaining a connection with your country. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to combine men’s and women’s styles. Fashion is more gender fluid than ever before. Incorporating a headwrap in your styling is not enough. It needs to be throughout your look.

In your backstory, tell us what the African influence was that shaped your design and why.

Background Story

“Africa, My Africa. My heart is still there.”

This is what I usually hear from people who have been to Africa. And I have no idea why having never been there.
So I started thinking about Africa and its resources.
Large expanses of sand where the desert rises ……. the Savannah with its animals, long and large rivers, mountains with its deposits of precious stones. And an infinite look at its red sunsets that I could only see in photographic projections.

On this basis I built my outfit for this show, mixing the fantasy of Africa with the linear style of the best Italian designer as Valentino or Armani (my favorite ones with their classic style).
A colorful top that recalls the colors of water, sky and fire, the tigers of the Savannah, and a skirt combined with sleeves: both red to recall the warm African sunsets that seem to embrace you.
An amber necklace and an ivory bracelet with a gold belt to remember the mines that are located in various parts of the continent.

A land unknown to me but which, if I have the opportunity, maybe one day I will know.