5th Runway Challenge – SATC vs Married with Children

Style Breafing


For this challenge we want to see a combination of both of these iconic American TV shows in your styling.

Married with Children was a sitcom set in the 1980’s and follows the suburban Chicago lives of Al and Peggy Bundy along with their children Bud and Kelly.

Sex and the City was a 2000’s romantic comedy set in New York City and following the lives of four women.
Both shows addressed topics such as sexuality, promiscuity, relationships and family dynamics.

Show us in your styling a tribute to both shows combined seamlessly into a high fashion styling for our curveball challenge. Be sure to research both shows, and tell us in your back story where you drew your inspiration for your combination outfit from each show.

Background Story

I love “Sex And The City” and had no idea what “Married …. with children” was.

I watched some videos on youtube. I compared Peggy with the 4 New York women and found some points in common.
All 5 like heels.
Peggi is whimsical, flashy, aggressive. She likes to be kinky and highlight her body like that. Like Samantha. She likes the bright colors that make her stand out in the crowd of people so my choice of a pair of tight pants in an unusual color but that highlight the curves and jewelry that is hard to miss.

Charlotte is sweet, romantic. I chose a romantic blouse but gave it a Peggy twist with the leopard pattern.
Miranda is hasty, she has no time to waste. On the first date with Steve she says “Great sex” and closes the door. A practical top, ideal for the gym where she uses to go but with a touch of Peggy in the imagination.
Carrie and the catwalk. She is short and needs to be noticed she needs voluminous Peggy hair to lift her up a little.

In the end: I enjoyed creating this outfit