4th Runway Challenge – Murder Mistery

Style breafing

Halloween Runway

Murder Mystery parties are all the rage.
This Halloween weekend you are touring the Canadian wine country.
It’s picturesque countryside, vineyards and wineries are breathtaking.

The annual Halloween festival is taking place at one of the vineyards, when the owner, Barry Riesling, is found murdered at his winery while the party is going on.
You and everyone at the winery when the body is discovered are suspects.

Who are you? What role are you playing in the murder mystery? Create a persona that would attend the Wine Festival, and could potentially make you a suspect in Mr. Riesling’s demise. Make sure your story fits with your styling and allows you to play the role of a devious suspect in the murder mystery party.

Background Story

My Character: The Secretary. The secret lover of Barry Riesling

3 hours before the Party

Isabella came out of Barry’s office slamming the door. She was furious. “I’ll show you how insignificant I am,” she said out loud and walked over to the room where she was going to change for the party. She was caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that someone had seen her from around the corner.

During the party

Isabella had gotten ready for the Halloween party. She had helped with the preparations and everything seemed to be going smoothly. She had decided to show off and carefully researched her outfit for the evening.
A particular skirt, a lace top that made her sexy and a jacket to cover her shoulders. She was cold in Canada that evening.
“Try to say that I’m insignificant tonight Barry,” she said to herself when she heard screams. She immediately went to the place and saw her lover lying on the ground lifeless. “Oh my God, honey,” She exclaimed aloud without think should be without thought.
There was a moment of silence when the voice of Barry’s wife interrupted it: “Do you have anything to say Isabella?”