3rd Runway – Survivor


You have crashed on a desert island, and after many months, you have realized that no rescue will be coming and a new society has to be reborn out of nothing.

This means that clothing and fashion has to start from a fiery crash, and destruction of your supplies, to surviving and making a new thriving society that you and your fellow crash survivors have to make the most of in the coming years.

Show us what you use to make your fashion style that is function, protection from the elements and creating a new fashion statement that no one else has seen using pieces from the wreckage, and the island itself.

Background Story

I don’t remember much of that night. I was celebrating and the next morning I found myself on this island alone, with a torn skirt and boots and the necklace given to me by my man. Nothing more.

In the following days I had to create something to be able to cover my torso. The sun was very hot and there was no shade. With some seashells and starfish found near the sea and with strips found in the sand I created a top that could protect my chest from the sun.