2nd Runway: Construction Zone

I am Bond. James Bond

My first runway. How exciting

oh boy !!! It was my first reaction when I read the briefing card. I’m so inexperienced that at first glance I didn’t know where to turn. Then I sat down and then I started going to my favorite stores looking for an idea. How can I find a way to be a stylish builder on the catwalk? The only thing I thought …. At work!

Background Story

How i get this idea?

Being builders on the catwalk is not very easy.
While walking around my town and looking at the shop windows I saw a lot of black sports jackets…
Then in the main square there was a construction site and I looked around.
There were bright orange colors and above all a yellow and black tape that said “Warning Danger” caught my attention. I liked the color combination and decided I would wear those …
I chose a slightly bold top that leaves the belly bare paired with some open pants that show off the legs.
Why? because I made a comparison: “A sexy and elegant woman is as dangerous as a bulldozer in motion.”