2nd Audition

The Second audition

Chronicle of the second step

So I got my mentor. Ame.

We made an appointment and she asked me to wear the outfit from the first audition.
So I did and she, after only 2 minutes she told me all the things that were not right. All the mistakes I’ve made and, you know, I just fell out of the clouds.

But I learn fast. I understood my mistakes and got ready for the second day. Outfits, makeup, poses and walking were all correct this round.
On the day of the second audition, I was even more nervous than the first.
I didn’t want to go wrong the second time.

I went to the appointment on time.

You know the bad thing? Be the last!
I was soooo nervous but someone told me “The last are the best” and it made me laugh and ease the tension.

The hostess introduced me. I took a deep breath and here I am again on the catwalk.
After two long minutes, I’m telling the truth, but someone exclaims “Good job Vortice”.
So even he finished the second audition.
I went home. It was an interminable two hours … But the notecard was on its way.
I had crossed everything. with fear I opened it and “Vadaaaa” i made it.
I was so happy.

And now the hard work begins!!!