Insinuating Outfit

Insinuating Outfit Style Card Dress ***ArisArisB&W~AlCo49~Insinuating Outfit~ Shoes [BREATHE]-Migika Heels-White Hair Hair: KUNI – Gizem Flickr Post

The Finale: Formal Wear

Question about pageant What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life and how would you apply it to your time as Miss Virtual World? Shyness can be a bad thing and in my life i had to deal with it.I have always been afraid of my shadow and growing up I had… Continue reading The Finale: Formal Wear

The finale: Showcase outfit

Style breafing What music is your representative country most known for? Show us in fashion style the genre(s) that defines your representative country. Your back story should reflect the evolution of music in your country and how your styling is a tribute to this evolution in music. What makes music unique to your country and… Continue reading The finale: Showcase outfit