First Official Meeting

Let’s start the competition The excitement of the adventure begins So it’s all true.Everything is about to begin.Here we are at our first meeting.The management and the girls of the competition. We are all very excited about the pageant… because it won’t be easy. First they told us the country we represent.I was lucky. I… Continue reading First Official Meeting

2nd Audition

The Second audition Chronicle of the second step So I got my mentor. Ame. We made an appointment and she asked me to wear the outfit from the first audition. So I did and she, after only 2 minutes she told me all the things that were not right. All the mistakes I’ve made and,… Continue reading 2nd Audition

1st Audition

The First audition came Chronicle of the first step I had sent my photo. After a few days I still hadn’t received anything and I was starting to think and okay. It has gone. and the notecard arrived …. I was admitted to the first audition. The style had to be “MINIMALISTIC MONOCHROMATIC” so I… Continue reading 1st Audition

Can i make it?

How it come The birth of an inspiration It was a boring day. I was alone and I was wasting time surfing on facebook. At one point a wonderful image of a Miss caught my attention. I thought “Wow. How beautiful”. I moved the view to the description and there was an invitation to participate… Continue reading Can i make it?

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes Pictures taken with pose “Killer’s Production” – Elegant Pose “Gaze”.Backdrop: +Dreamcatcher+ Geometric backdropsDress for her: [StudioNova] Angelic Dress Maitreya – 26 RARE In Your Eyes Niamh Kavanagh Showing no emotion, my feelings locked insideI made myself an island, trying to take my heart and hideI built a wall around me, afraid of letting… Continue reading In Your Eyes

You Are the reason

You are the reason Pictures taken with pose ~Reel Poses – Debility …I’d climb every mountainAnd swim every oceanJust to be with youAnd fix what I’ve brokenOh, ‘cause I need you to seeThat you are the reasonThere goes my hands shakingAnd you are the reasonMy heart keeps bleedingI need you nowAnd if I could turn… Continue reading You Are the reason