1st Runway: Bond Girl

I am Bond. James Bond

My first runway. How exciting

The first notecard has arrived. I opened it with trepidation. I was so curious what the theme was: “Casino Royale”. Basically my favorite movie.
I immediately jumped into my inventory ….. I searched until I ended up in a little white dress embellished with lace on the back and sides. oh said James Bond you are mine.

But the elements had to be at least three. so I kept rummaging until I found a pair of leggings. “Here you go” I said simple and elegant as Bond Girls usually are. I added some ambiance “Stolen” sleeves to a wedding dress. prepared makeup and shoes and: “I’m ready”

it was all exciting. preparation, history, rehearsals.
I have fully prepared myself. I went to the casino where the show was to take place. and …. OMG how nervous.

I was afraid of doing something wrong.
I read the instructions 2-3 times and then it was my turn. GO the hostes said. i did the stairs i went to point i said my talk and at second go i jumped beetween the guests and i started to dance. Was all done and time to PARTY!!!