1st Photo Challenge: Sugar Glam

I need to feel a Diva?

My first photo challenge. How my gown?

And here comes the first “Sugar Glam” photography contest. Anyone who knows me knows about my passion for elegant and evening dresses.
Reading the briefing I just had to think about what I really wanted to wear. I have so many. So after several pairings I showed my mentor the ideas.
She suggested some changes …. I hadn’t thought of. So I got back to work et voilà Here is my outfit.
I just had to think about where to do the photography so what better location than a red carpet or with similar backgrounds. but in the end an entrance was found with what I wanted which turned out to be ideal for taking the picture.

Background Story

My feeling about this and how i wanted be

Glamor Sugar …. mah?!?
It was my first reaction when I read the challenge theme. But I thought: Come on! I can do it.

So I started a google search on fall/winter 2021 fashion and an image of an Elisabetta Franchi dress with a wide slit appeared. I went to browse her site and saw that for this season she chose bright colors like pink and yellow and my fantasy took off …. Long dress, slit …. a premier with red carpet and I wanted to feel Sofia Loren for once and it did. We found a location with a red carpet and I felt comfortable ready for a sparkling evening full of fun and glamor.