1st Audition

The First audition came

Chronicle of the first step

I had sent my photo.
After a few days I still hadn’t received anything and I was starting to think and okay. It has gone.
and the notecard arrived …. I was admitted to the first audition.
The style had to be “MINIMALISTIC MONOCHROMATIC” so I started my research thinking about the color and deciding my favorite: Blue.
I went to my favorite stores and tried to assemble an outfit that could fit.
You can see it in the pictures.

Ok the outfit was ready.
I tried to imagine what I should have needed … yes the poses.

I asked someone competent where I could find some and a hud was also suggested to make things easier.
I went and found some that could do for me. Everything seemed fine.

The day of the audition arrived and with it also the anxiety. I was ready …. I went to the audition site full of hope.

Everything had started. I did my show and went home and waited for the result

And it has arrived.
No way.
I didn’t get a high enough score.
I was disappointed. I had put in effort but inexperience did his job and I didn’t understand the mistakes i’ve done. 
It said that I could try again and at first I thought: “but who makes me do it?” I don’t know anything about this world.

But after a while I got a message.
It said not to give up because I had talent and that I could attend the next audit and that I would get help with that.
I thought: “ok let’s try again”