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A life on Second Life

about me

There isn't much to say about me. I am a simple, kind and helpful person.

isabella trance

Music, friends and photography

These are the things I like most in this virtual world

Take it slow when the rush hits

Second Life

There are many things that can be done in this world.

Meet Friends around the world

You never know who you can meet but one thing is certain about second life .... the whole world is a country

To fall in love

... and sometimes you really meet someone special with whom time seems to fly

Music & Photography

After my first passion which is music. I like photography, it's not easy to take pictures on Second Life but it's something I love and I try to do it as best I can

Virtual Illusion

Often living in a virtual world can change the things we see and think. The important thing is to realize what we are and what we are not

What people think of me

Difficult to say and difficult to think. For some I am sweet and kind to others I am arrogant and hostile. But it all depends on you and how you propose yourself to me.

Isabella, not only a fantastic DJ, but also a very kind person, and a friend for life. I can not count how often this girl has put a smile on my face with a comment, made me happy with spinning her tunes and made me relax with dancing to her tunes. Isabella is a perfectionist, in everything she does, an amazingly talented woman. Isabella, "5,4,3,2,1" I love you.

Lauren Isabella's partner in crime

What is there to say about Isabella that is not already known. She is am amazing trance DJ that loves her craft, works her ass off for her club and strives to be the best at what she does. She is an amazing person and I have been fortunate enough to been able to be close friends with Isabella and her whackyness. LOL.

Matt Isabella's close friend

Hard to find true beings on SL and Isabella is one of the rare friends you would meet. Beautiful inside and out. Strong, gentle, caring, smart and more. Oh talented dj and always spot on fashionista! She is simple amazing.

Dotty Girl The only Polka girl DOC

Isabella is owner and dj manager of Dance Island where I work as a host. She is fair and very hard working, always there when needed. She has a good sense of fun about her too. Brilliant at organizing events . Of course she is great DJ and always covers when the DJ does not show up. She does a lot for Dance Island and the staff.

Roxy Dance Island Floor Manager

Isabella is the one with the biggest and warmest heart you can find all around. She can be so kindly and lovely and same as me she only wants her friends doing well. For this she would do anything if someone not feeling well or is in a distress. Sadly not everyone appreciate this what makes her heart grave. If you know her so deep as me you know you have the best friend on this world and I love Isa and need her a lot. And yes ... She always wants to have the last word ūüėÄ

Verona Isabella Trance Sister

Watching so many people come and go in our lives, its easy to forget the ones who stick around and why. In the several years I have known Isabella, one thing stands out - she is still in my life through good days and bad days. She has earned and maintained my respect by being not only a close and loyal friend, but she is also tremendously talented in her music work as a DJ, and a perfectionist in pretty much everything she does. In her own special way, Isabella will show she is watching out for me and will share, help, and care for me like family - and for that I feel like she is a sister and im fortunate to a part or her life. Thank you for everything you do and have done for so many and im proud to be considered as your brother as well as have the privilege to call you my Sis.

Mack Akina Isabella's Sl brother

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